Another word to describe Enlightened India 2019?
Loving – Julia and I are holding a loving container for our group.  From the moment your feet touch Indian soil, you will be warmly welcomed and lovingly held.   From the gentle morning meditation to the good night golden milk, each day has been thoughtfully planned so that you will have the best possible experience.  
We have planned activities, ceremonies and group time that will have you interacting with others in a beautiful way, and give you time to go within and get to know yourself in new ways.
India has a beautiful way of stripping away who we think we are and reminding ourselves what is actually at our core. Julia and I hold the intention that you will re-member aspects of yourself.  There will be a special ceremony held for reflection and appreciation for each group member.  It is beautiful how 20 strangers come together and leave India having made connections that will last a lifetime. 
We want you to return from this trip completely in love with yourself.

Something very special awaits!

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Traveling to India is a powerful experience.  Roxanna & Julia show up, hold space and love fiercely.  They have created a trip to experience ALL that Mother India has to offer.”  Logan M.
Roxanna & Julia are truly incredible women and leaders.  I enjoyed India but more importantly, I felt the love, support and freedom to be completely vulnerable and to learn what I was here to learn about myself.  Thank you.”  Deb O.

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