What should I pack?

Upon receipt of your tour deposit, you will receive a Welcome Packet via email.  This is a detailed document that includes a Packing List, VISA instructions, Travel Instructions, Cultural Tips, Reading Resources and our Itinerary.

What is the Time Zone in India?

India is 9 ½ hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in India?

The town of Rishikesh is small and caters to travelers from around the globe.  The overall consensus of our group in 2018, was that they felt more safe in India than in the United States.  The atmosphere of the place is friendly and welcoming.  You will feel comfortable walking and exploring in this beautiful hamlet in just a short period of time.  If you use common sense and follow the same rules of thumb you would use at home, you will not have any problems.  i.e.  Do not walk alone after dark, walk with a friend or call somebody from the hotel to pick you up by scooter.  Do not dress provocatively.  This is out of respect for the culture more than a safety concern.

Is it safe for a man to travel alone in India?

Follow the same advice for women and walk with a buddy after dark.  If for any reason it doesn’t feel safe to walk alone, please call the hotel and ask for assistance.

Also, be advised, that although street dogs are quite friendly during the day, they can get territorial and a little aggressive after dark, so walking in a group is one way to deter any unwanted advances from dogs.

Have more questions?

Your Welcome Letter will have lots of answers to many of your questions and if you have some that we didn’t address, please feel free to email us.  We love talking about India!